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Welcome to the Black Autist!

Greetings everyone!! Welcome to the new home of The Black Autist. I’ve moved the blog to WordPress to not create a more festive look, but to also mark a new beginning for the three-year-old blog. As I’ve done on Tumblr, you will continue to see original posts related to autism and disability acceptance within the African Diaspora, intersectionality, disabled/Deaf/autistic/neurodivergent people of color, disability justice & rights, and disability culture; plus I will continue to take pictures for the site. I will also expand the blog where I plan to include interviews, coverage of events related to the topics I typically speak on, personal insights of the topics or interests I like, posts on fellowships, scholarships, and jobs related to disability, and more fun, random content. 

Be on the lookout for a Patreon or GoFundMe page soon, for I would need all the help I could get in making sure I have the resources to travel for blog content, give emergency funds to organizations run and centered around disabled people of color, and get the current tools I would need to ensure that the site will produce top quality and accessible content (that would include adding captions in videos). 

I’m looking forward to the amazing growth of the blog and I pray that it would continue to impact people of color, especially the autistic community within black communities. 

– Timotheus “T.J.” Gordon 

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